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        5.25 x 7 inches | 20 pp
        978-1-988811-04-8 | $12.00

        Matchbook Night by Lindsey Weishar

        Lindsey Weishar's poems are as fabulous as the days nights and days spent living with a family in Sicily. Matchbook Night was the winner in the International tegory in the Overleaf Chapbook Manuscript Competition for 2017.


        7 by 7 inches | 14 pp
        978-1-988811-03-1 | $12.00

        Elegies for Earth by Yvonne Blomer

        Yvonne Blomer considers her impact on the environment in every action she makes and holds hope for the Great Pacific, elephants, bees and wolves.This chapbook was the winner in the nadian tegory in the Overleaf Chapbook Manuscript Competition for 2017.

        December 2017

        5.5 by 8.5 inches | 80 pp 
        978-1-988811-02-4 | $16.95

        "Oh Not So Great" Poems from the Depression Project by Rob Taylor

        "These poems are the result of a years-long project designed to create for physicians a doorway to empathy with patients who suffer from mental illness. As it turns out, they open that door wide for us all." Sandy Shreve


        May 2017

        978-1-988811-00-0 4.5 in. by 7.00 in. 84 pp

        deep breath—a book of haiku evolutions

        edited by Terry Ann rter


        ... it was the text of her post that really pulled me into the screen. It was a personal conversation about finding a particular spot on Gabriola Island, and being inspired to compose a haiku. What followed was her thinking about that image. The associations she was making. The comparisons and contrasts. When I me to the end it was as though I had been inside her head. It was an amazing feeling, and I thought to myself … how many other haiku poets have stories like this? Stories about creative process, the editing process.


        November 2016

        978-1-926655-84-0 | 4.25 by 8.25 inches | 19 pp | $64.00 and $30.00


        a long poem by Alison Watt

        Limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies of which 20 include original watercolours on 90 lb. Arches cold-pressed paper.

        Each book is concertina-folded and pasted into St. Armand 140 lb. handmade papers.



        April 2016

        978-1-926655-93-2 | 5.5 by 8.5 inches | 68 pp | $16.95

        After All the Scissor Work Is Done
        by David Fraser

        These poems play with memory, find out what's left on the cutting-room floor. David Fraser steers away from linear narrative, edits out connections, allows the reader room. But these are not pretty pieces: the poems scrape at the dark of human experience.

        "The sepia of nostalgia creeps like a mist over these poems, yet the sharpness of his memories, imagined or otherwise, keeps the reader from lulling into complacency by asking that we confront, time and time again, our own human frailties and our own mortality. A brave book." (Naomi Beth Wakan, Inaugural Poet Laureate of Nanaimo, B.C.)

        April 2016

        978-1-926655-96-3 | 5 x 7 inches | 24 pp | $10.00

        The Bathymetry of Lax Kwaxl by Sheila Peters
        by Sheila Peters

        One week, one year, one lifetime of paddling
        does not reveal the bathymetry of Lax Kwaxl.

        Islands float and the ocean becomes dry land.
        The minus tides slit the belly and stories spill
        glistening out: a scuttling crab, the foot
        of a moon snail sliding from its shell.

        5.5 x 6.5| 36 pp | 978-1-926655-97-0 | $15.00

        Four Neat Holes is a short suite of thirteen poems that examines loss and grief through the eyes of four children growing up and coming of age. Four Neat Holes is written in a wry, matter-of-fact tone that surprises the reader with its surrealist imagery. Each poem is paired with a work of original art by Mo Hamilton, who created this series with both sketch-work and collage.

        the piano compressed the rpet, under the weight
        of our parents' wedding photos. four neat holes.

        "The One Black Key" by Al Rempel


        A Quiet Coming of Light by Jude Neale was short-listed for the 2015 League of nadian Poets Pat Lowther Award.
        Emilia Nielsen's Surge Narrows was short-listed for the 2014 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award by the League of nadian Poets.
        Joanne Thorwaldson's thirteen poems for releasing love was shortlisted for the 2013 bpNichol chapbook award.
        Adrienne Gruber's chapbook Mimic won the 2012 bpNichol chapbook award.
        Jude Neale's Only the Fallen n See was long lisited for the 2012 Relit Awards.
        Kirsty Elliot's True short-listed for the 2012 Gerald Lampert Award and long-listed for the 2012 ReLit Awards.
        Tina Biello was shortlisted for the Bressani Prize at the Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre for Momenti.
        Susan Musgrave and Leanne Boschman were short-listed for the ReLit Awards for their Leaf titles.
        Susan Musgrave's Obituary of Light was short-listed for the A Award for Poetry.
        K. Louise Vincent's The Discipline of Undressing long-listed for the ReLit Awards.
        Kim Goldberg's Ride Backwards on Dragon shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Award.
        Allan Brown's Imagines co-winner of 2009 bpNichol Chapbook Award.

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